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Home Based Recruiter

In some years back, it is expected that somebody who will work as a recruiter should open a office. With the help of technology, recruiters can now work from home. You can work as a home based recuiter by starting your home based business. On the other hand, you can work as part time staff. Some businesses allow their professionals to work virtually. Since you work from home, you can easily work for more companies at a time. This type of work from home job is usually commission-based. You will be paid for if the employee you recruit is hired. Alternatively, you can negotiate your fee to be a specific amount plus a commission. With this, you will not totally lose out if the person you recruit is not hired at the end of the day.

Key success factors

To succeed in this type of work from home business, you must:

  • Have a good knowledge of recruitment tactics
  • Be able to network effectively

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