How to Start Data Entry Business

You can start data entry business with little capital.

Data Entry Business is one of the online business ideas that anyone can start with little capital. During recession, there is usually a general rise in the level of unemployment as many organisations tend to downsize in order to curtail their overheads. However, there is always the other side of a coin. The same way people can lose jobs during recession, the economic situation can also provide opportunities for people who don’t mind doing some menial or tedious jobs. During recession, there is tendency for organisations to outsource their non-core functions to individuals or other small businesses. So, among small business ideas one can start during recession is data entry business. Please note that I did not say that data entry business is only available during recession. You can also secure data entry jobs when economy is booming.

Data entry is becoming more popular among teens and stay at home moms and dads. It is a business idea which can be started with just little capital. If you are skilled and fast in typing with good level of accuracy, you can start a data entry business. Though your speed may be low at the initial stage, by the time you start and continue the data entry jobs, with time, you will definitely improve. You can also take advantage of the available online tools to develop your skills. The fact that the business is home based, your jobs will be flexible and you can determine the level of work you are willing to take. Another interesting part of data entry business is that, whatever your profession or field is, you can find jobs that match your skills.

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Because of the flexibility that data entry business allows, it is a good business idea for people seeking for side business which can earn them extra income. If you want to make data entry business your main source of income, you must prepare to do significant amount of work as data entry business is a low paying job.  The more the number of jobs you undertake, the more income you will make. In order to increase your income earning potential, you need to be a fast typist and must be proficient in the use of the computer program relevant to your task. Data entry business requires that you should be able to meet customers’ deadlines. Therefore, you should not accept jobs you know that you will not be able to complete within the specified period. You should be able to strike a balance between your data entry business and your health. Sitting and typing for a long time can cause a strain in your eyes, hands and back.


As mentioned earlier, you don’t need a huge capital to start data entry business. It is even possible to start data entry business with no capital. This is possible if you already have the equipment you need for the business such as computer with software relevant to the type of jobs you like to take. Most of the data entry jobs are online. Therefore, you will need an internet access. Other equipment you might need include scanner, printer, and telephone. You don’t need extra space in order to kick start data entry business. If you are single and you are the kind of person that can conveniently type anywhere, you can even be doing your business while on bed. But for stay at home moms with kids, you may need to create a space for yourself where your kids will not disturb or distract you.

Getting Jobs

How do you secure data entry jobs? This is the question anyone starting data entry business should ask. Apart from local data entry jobs, there are various data entry projects available online. You can visit popular websites like Freelancer and Elance to apply for data entry jobs. However, the level of competition on these websites is quite high. As a starter, you may need to bid very low for data entry jobs at the initial stage in order to secure some jobs fast. By the time you have executed few jobs, you can now decide to raise your fees. Meanwhile you must have built some portfolios for yourself which can serve as references.  To secure online jobs, you can also place online adverts. If you have the money, you can also build a website for your data entry business. This will give you the opportunity to showcase your sampled works. For local data entry jobs, you can advertise your business by words of mouth. You can also place a small advert in local newspapers.

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Certification is not compulsory but you should bear in mind that certain data entry projects may require that you should be able to demonstrate your skills and competence in your chosen field. Hence, in this situation, people with relevant certifications will be at advantage.

In conclusion, you need to beware of scammers. If any offer seems too good to believe, you need to exercise caution so that you don’t fall victim.

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