How to Start a Consulting Business

Valuable Tips on How to Start a Consulting Business.

Have you been wondering on how to start a consulting business? This article is about how to start a consulting business. If your dream is to start a consulting business, you can actually make it big if you know what you are doing and how to go about it.

Why Should You Start a Consulting Business?

It is very easy to start

It does not require large capital outlay or large overheads to run. Unlike other businesses such as manufacturing companies, you don’t need much investment in equipment before you start a consulting business. Some of the equipment you might require can be easily rented.

You Can Start From Home

You can start a consulting business from home. Some of the meetings with clients usually take place clients’ offices. Therefore, you may not need to rent an office place before you start a consulting business. The only challenge is how to stay productive working from home.

You Enjoy Flexibility

When you work as an employee, you have to abide by the 9a.m-5p.m time schedule or as might be dictated by your employer. But as a consultant, you set and work at your own time. You can even schedule meetings with your clients to the times that will be convenient for you. This is one of the motivating factors that make people start a consulting company

High Profit Margin

Business consulting services can offer as much as more than fifty percent profit margin because of the low overheads. What you sell is your skills and expertise. You can place any value on your skills especially if you possess specialised skills. If you like high profit job, I will encourage you to start a consulting business.

How to Start a Consulting Business

Below is the guide on how to set up consutancy business.

Develop Your Skills and Expertise

As a Consultant, you are considered a specialist or an expert in your chosen field. Therefore, if you want to start a consulting business, you need to develop you skills. This is the only inventory that you will be selling to your clients. So, if you don’t develop your skills, it will be difficult for you to make any mark in the business. If you mistakenly get the first job, you may find it difficult to secure the next one.

Obtain Necessary Certifications

Certain jobs require a specific certification. Starting a consulting company without a necessary certification may lead to a disregard to a constituted authority. This will also make your consulting business illegal. Apart from this, if the certification is option, it is still advisable to obtain it before you start a consulting company. This will make people to respect and have more confidence in you.

You Have to Be Passionate

You have to love what you are doing. You have to work with passion and have a drive for excellence. Satisfaction of your client to should your priority.

How to do Marketing

Personal Brand

Marketing begins with your physical outlook. You should learn how to dress professional and cute. You don’t need to wear expensive cloth before you can be seen as a professional. Just ensure that you are neat and well dressed. If you dress shabbily, no client will take you serious. Your first appearance will create a lasting impression about you.


If you want to start a consulting company, you should learn how to network. You need to understand that your primary job is marketing. Therefore, wherever you go, you should learn how to make most of every meeting and event.

Business Card

Create business card that is very handy. Don’t just put the name of your business, let the cards carry a brief information of your services. Don’t forget to include you address, telephone number and email address.


You can advertise your consulting business in professional journals

Maintain Online Presence

In this information age, you need to have a good online presence. Build a website that describes your services. It does not need to be very expensive. You can also include a blog on the website. If you want to start a consulting business, developing a website will enable you reach wider market

Be a Columnist

If you are very good in writing, writing posts in a column relating to your profession in newspapers will make you stand out as an authority in the field.

Be a Speaker

You can accept speaking offers in seminars and conferences whether for a fee or free. While going for such seminars, arm yourself with many business cards of yours. This type of gathering presents good opportunity to sell your services directly to your prospective client. If you want to start a consulting business, this is one of the skills you need to develop.


If you have the resources, you can write newsletters. Your content should be very rich.

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Some of the Consulting Businesses You Can Start

Depending on your expertise, below is the list  of consulting business ideas you can start as a small business:

  • Administrative jobs
  • Auditing
  • Bookkeeping
  • Computer Consulting
  • Customer support
  • Event planning
  • Facilities management
  • Human Resources
  • Investor relations
  • IT management
  • Managing social media
  • Payroll Management
  • Public relations
  • Real estate management
  • Technical Writing
  • Travel services
  • Proof reading and editing

I believe with this article, you have leant few things on what it takes to start a consulting business.

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