Small Scale Business Ideas With Low Investment

Profitable small scale business ideas for men and women.

If you have been looking for small scale business ideas to start your own business, this article is for you. The list of small scale business ideas is endless but I want to focus on the ones mentioned below. However, some of the small scale business ideas require that you have reasonable amount of investment capital. Also, some of them are small scale business ideas you can start with little capital.


Depending on the amount of capital investment you have at your disposal, you can go into farming either as a small scale business or large scale business. Because of the lack of sufficient capital, people prefer going into farming in a small scale. Farming is very wide in scope.  Among the small scale business ideas you can start include poultry farming, fish farming, grass cutter rearing, livestock rearing,  bee keeping rearing etc.

Importation of wears

One of the small scale business ideas you can start especially in a populous city or country like India or Nigeria is importation of wears. It is understandable that some countries like India have customary way of dressing. Nevertheless, the market for other types of wears is huge. The advantage of this small scale business in a populous city is that, even though you are starting with little capital, you can quickly turnover your articles.

Inland water transport

With a lot of pressure on roads by reason of many vehicles on the roads coupled with bad roads, making use of waterways is becoming increasingly necessary. Provision of inland water transport where there are such resources is a good small scale business that will bring high profits within shortest period. You will need to ensure the safety of your passengers.

Bottled Water

Production of bottled water is a small scale manufacturing idea that has helped in alleviating the challenge of potable water in most parts of the country. Besides, bottled waters are served at functions such as wedding ceremonies, burial ceremonies, corporate meetings and other social gatherings.

Security Services

Ensuring security of lives and properties cannot be successfully handled by government alone. Some individuals and corporate organizations need extra security services. There has never been a better time to start security business than this period of unrest and killings around the whole world.

Bead making

Bead making is a popular small scale business in India. If you can add creativity to it, this is a good small scale business opportunity especially for women.

Sport viewing centre

If you like to start small scale business in an entertainment industry, starting a sport viewing centre can be a good option. One thing about sports is that people don’t love watching it alone. True lovers of sports, especially football, like watching it where they can share views and comments with other people.

Sales of phones & accessories

Ever since the advent of GSM, sales of different types of phones and accessories, has been a trending small scale business that always enjoy patronage. You will see a person having like two or three phones at the same time. Another reason why sale of phones is a good small scale business to start is that phones do not last ever. Average person will change his phone within two to three years. Those people that like latest technology will change their phone within a year. So, the market is very huge.

Phone repair

If you cannot sell phone, possibly because of the initial investment required to rent a shop and buy initial inventories, you can start phone repair business. Although this is a profitable small scale business, not everyone can do it. You must have a flair for IT before you can start a phone repair business. One good thing about phone repairs is that, it is a small scale business idea you can start without investment.

Rental Services

Rental services are not the type of small scale business ideas you can start without investment. You need initial investment to buy your items such as chairs, tables, canopies etc. The initial investment required will depend on the type of rental services you want to provide.

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Waste Management

If you line in a city, you will agree with me that waste disposal is really a big challenge. This is a small scale business opportunity indeed. You need to obtain permits before you can start this type of small scale business.

Sales of computer & accessories

With small scale enterprises springing up, they all need working tools. One of the essential working tools any small scale business will need is computer. Besides, individuals still need personal computer or a laptop. There is no way smart phones can completely take the place of computer. Therefore, sales of computer and accessories are still good small scale business ideas.

Food processing

Cassava processing, rice processing, ethanol processing and fruits processing are all good examples of small scale business ideas.

Cyber café

Some people think that operating cyber café is no longer a good small scale business idea today. I believe, it is still a good small business idea. What is needed in this type of business is a good location. If you get a right location such as university campus, the business will enjoy good patronage.


Weaving of basket, silk or cotton and carpet are all good small scale business ideas for Africa. Painting and metal works as handicrafts can be considered as small scale business ideas for men. All these can be started with no or little capital.

Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS is an effective ways of reaching out to several people with the same message at the same time. You need a platform where people can buy credits and send text messages to their contacts. You can also provide a database of GSM users by categories. In case you don’t have money to start this small scale business, you can start bulk SMS service as a reseller.

Petty Trading

Petty trading is a small scale business idea that will ever remain relevant. Whether you are looking for small business ideas for small towns or cities, selling what people need within your neighbourhood will always generate demands.

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Motor cycle repair

This covers both bicycles and tricycles. What you need most is the skill. If you can learn how to repair either bicycles or tricycles or both, you will soon discover that it is a lucrative small scale business.

Dog breeding

If you are looking for great ideas for home business, dog breeding can be an answer provided you love pets. With good feeding and adequate care, dog breeding is a lucrative small scale business idea. You need to be selective when it comes to the type of breed you want to rear.

Call centre

It may seem to you that everyone has a phone. And there won’t be any need to run a call centre. A large number of people in our country don’t have a personal phone yet. Also, not all people with phone have credits to make a call. Operating a call centre in a busy area such as Motor Park and Market will bring good revenue. You can combine this small scale business with the sales of recharge cards.

Career counselling

Do you have good background in education? There is market for career counselling business. Most of our youths just choose career path based on peers influence or otherwise. Our students need to be well guided in the career path to follow. You can offer this service to individuals or schools at large.

Recruitment agency

The rate of unemployment in our country is very high. If you can provide a link between employers and applicants for possible employment, starting a recruitment agency will be nice. You need to consider the pricing model that will be suitable for your business. But it is good that the employers pay you for your services rather than charging poor applicants that have nothing or less to sustain himself.

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