Are You a Salary Visionary?

Who Are The Salary Visionaries?

I receive this WhatsApp message this morning. I felt I need to share it with my audience. The author duly acknowledged.

“The poorest group of people in the world are salary earners. They live in a vicious circle of poverty. Referring to them as servants of civil which made them uncivilised. They categorised them as common men, tax payers and middle class citizens. If you ask who are the highest class citizens, you will hear people who create wealth with their ideas. People who are entrepreneurs in making and people with wisdom to create and innovate (nothing to something)

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Salary is continuously being awaited every month end. And any slight delay brings about heart breaking, anxiety and disappointment. Family become worried. Mind set to chaos and relatively angry. But when the salary finally arrived, they end up paying unexpected debts. The lack of financial management only sets in the philosophy of salary earners.

Salary alone cannot solve your money problems. You need a secondary source of income to balance. Applying a sense of creativity, ideas and personal development as well as investment management is the key to today modern world success. Salary is the medicine for managing poverty, it doesn’t cure it. Only your business or investment cures poverty. It sometimes affects the mind and makes you lazy; kills the immune of commitments and endurances. It destroys the mindset of goals and ideas. It affects your performances and weakens your thoughtfulness. It makes you dream big without proper planning.

Salary earners always look more worried and afraid of being poor. They are mostly the stingy ones and probably the complaining colleagues. They see wealth only when they wait for it but they know nothing about creating wealth. They discuss more about richest men and women but fail to figure out how they arrived at that destination. Salary visionaries are the worst hit of economic problems in every nation of the world. They the ones whose government always lies to about the global hit of economic recession because they allow their brain to be held in recession. They are those who, after 60 years of national service, wait for government to give them some changes before they can cater for their families. If not likely, they become beggars waiting for pensions and gratuity.

You will only be respected and considered rich among your folks only when you are earning that salary. After your retirement, you will be seen as an agent of disturbances. Those folks that surrounded you when you had and now you have not, will be calling you hopeless man. I therefore urge our youths who scavenge for white collar jobs for salary to be FINANCIALLY INTELLIGENT and delve into entrepreneurship. This is because salary is a lifetime disappointment and visionless opportunity of wealth and happiness that will never come to fruition. That is my definition of salary visionaries youths who fail to use ideas and potentials in life to be productive. I will rather create wealth than waiting for wealth. I will rather create jobs than waiting for jobs.

This is not a challenge. This is a test and also a kindly advice from brother to brothers. May God guide us in all our undertaking”

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Hmmm! I hope you didn’t mind how the article was structured. It was never meant to be published. But I decided to publish it ‘raw’ as it were. I think the message is clear enough. If you want something to just sustain you, you can choose to be a salary earner. But if you want to be rich, salary will not be enough. The pathway to prosperity is entrepreneurship. Do you know something? You can start the journey today. It begins with a decision followed by actions. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a step, they say. How you start does not matter. But not doing anything will bring frustration. Take a baby step today, you will be glad tomorrow!

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