How to Start a Kitchen Table Business

How to Start a Kitchen Table Business A lot of moms are no longer just staying at home, some are actually working from home and in some cases earning more than 9-5 working class professionals. Possibly you must have heard about This award winning multimillion-pound online marketplace was created by Sophie Cornish and Holly Tucker from home. But if you find their products out there, nobody will say it all emanated from home. If they succeed in building their Kitchen table business, that should give you an encouragement that you can do it too. You just need to learn Continue ReadingHow to Start a Kitchen Table Business

Understanding Taxation in Nigeria

Having the Knowledge of Taxation in Nigeria Will Help Your Business. One area you or your business can easily run into problem is in the area of taxation in Nigeria. Whether we like it or not, taxation in Nigeria is fast becoming a vital source of revenue to every level of government. As an individual or a business you are expected to comply with the taxation in Nigeria.. Some may be direct while some are indirect. Direct tax refers to tax that is both imposed and collected on a specific group of people or organizations. This tax is paid directly Continue ReadingUnderstanding Taxation in Nigeria

How to Register Your Business in Nigeria

How to Register Business in Nigeria With Ease. To register business in Nigeria is not difficult. You only need to understand the procedures. This article provides you step by step guide on how to register a business name or company in Nigeria. The first step is to visit any branch of Corporate Affairs Commission and enquire on how to register business. Staffs of the organization or other people that came for registration will direct you on where to procure forms. (Note that there are various forms to be completed before you can register business in Nigeria). You start the registration by purchasing an availability form from any of Continue ReadingHow to Register Your Business in Nigeria

How to Start a Business in India

Start a Business in India With These Tips. If you want to do business in India, it does not matter whether you are a citizen or an immigrant, there are certain basic procedure that Government expects you should take. failure to do this may put you and your business at risk. If you want your business to succeed, it is always the best not to take any regulatory issue lightly. After you must have incorporated your company, you have to take few more steps before you can say you are set to do business in India. So what else you need Continue ReadingHow to Start a Business in India