How to Write Feasibity Study Report for Small Business

Format and Content of a Good Feasibility Study Report as Required by the Bank of Industry. Whether you are writing feasibility study report for your small business or you are engaged as a consultant to write a feasibility for another person, you need to get it right. Otherwise, its objectives will be defeated. Feasibility report is the output of your research and field work about a particular venture to determine when the it is worthwhile or not. The feasibility study report will determine whether further step such as raising of capital or investment decision will be taken. If investment decision Continue ReadingHow to Write Feasibity Study Report for Small Business

Email Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Email Marketing Tips for Successful Campaigns. If you have not been using the email marketing tips we provide in this article, it is likely you have not been getting the good results from your marketing campaigns. And if you have had a good success rate, I believe you can still achieve better results by following these email marketing tips. Have a privacy policy. You should have a privacy policy and ensure you keep to it. All information you will collect from your subscribers will be given on trust. Therefore, you should maintain their privacy.  Don’t breach their trust. Read Also: How Continue ReadingEmail Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

How to Get Small Business Loans With Ease

Learn how to secure small business loans without stress. Securing small business loans is not as difficult as the way people think. You only need to understand what the banks want before they grant small business loans. If you master and meet the banks requirements, it will be easy for you to get loans for your small business. There is no gainsaying about the roles finance plays in small business. If you ask any small business owner what his challenges are, he will likely mention finance among others. Of course, there are different ways a small business can finance its operations. This Continue ReadingHow to Get Small Business Loans With Ease

Working Capital Management in Small Business (Part 2)

Availability of working capital is necessary to keep the business going. I started this series with Working Capital Management in Small Business (Part 1). This is the continuation of the topic. With the understanding that working capital is the difference between current assets and current liabilities, it becomes easier for you to come up with strategies on how to improve your working capital. We shall look at some elements of current assets and current liabilities and how you can manage them so that you can maintain positive cash flow. Current Assets Inventories: What constitutes your inventory will largely be determined by the Continue ReadingWorking Capital Management in Small Business (Part 2)

Working Capital Management in Small Business (Part 1)

Your working capital management skill will reflect in the liquidity of your business. Before your read this article, I suggest you first read my previous article on “Preparation of Financial Statements for Your Business”. Without the knowledge of financial statements, it may be difficult to understand this article on working capital management.  With your understanding of financial statements, it will not be difficult to quickly grasp the meaning of working capital. Working Capital refers to that part of the firm’s capital, which is required for financing short-term or current assets such as cash marketable securities, debtors and inventories.  Working capital is the Continue ReadingWorking Capital Management in Small Business (Part 1)