What You Must Do When Starting a Business

Your ‘To Do’ List When Starting a Business. When starting a business, you have a great task ahead of you. This is not to intimidate you. It is just to prepare you so that you can succeed in the business you are starting. It is no longer news that a great number of small businesses do not survive their initial five years. Some of the factors responsible for the failure of small businesses have been discussed in the previous article. Therefore, I will not want to go back to them here. If you are yet to read it, you can Continue ReadingWhat You Must Do When Starting a Business

How to Register a Business Name with Corporate Affairs Commission

How to Register a Business Name in Nigeria. Anybody that wants to register a Business Name will need to go to the nearest Corporate Affairs Commission’s office. Before you continue reading this article, I need to point specifically mention that the article is to provide a guide for those who want to register a business name and not a limited liability company. Registration of a limited liability company will involve you hiring an accredited agent who may be a lawyer or an accountant. These are the steps to follow to register a business name: The first step you need to Continue ReadingHow to Register a Business Name with Corporate Affairs Commission

How to start a tutoring business

Starting a tutoring business costs little to nothing to start up. Tutoring business is a good business idea for those who have broad knowledge of a subject. I believe that anybody who has gone through the four walls of either secondary or tertiary institution should be good at a particular subject. Do you know that the subject you consider too simple is someone’s headache? For instance, in my own case, I don’t have problem with calculations. I remember I always scored above ninety per cent in subjects like Mathematics and Accounting during my school days. But when it comes to verbal Continue ReadingHow to start a tutoring business

Addresses of Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria

Offices of Corporate Affairs Commission Nationwide. Below are the addresses of the offices of Corporate Affairs Commission and their email addresses arranged in alphabetical order . This will solve the challenge some customers face in locating the office of the organisation in each respective state in Nigeria including Federal Capital Territory(FCT) Abuja. Corporate Affairs Commission (A) Abakaliki              13, Sam Egwu Way, Abakaliki, Ebonyi State Abeokuta           52,Tinubu Street (Third Floor Obasanjo Towers), Itaeko, Abeokuta, Ogun State Abuja                   Plot 565, Ndola Square, Off Michael Okpara Street, Zone 5, Wuse, Abuja. Ado-Ekiti            Plot 4, Commercial Block ‘C’ Continue ReadingAddresses of Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria

Zig Ziglar Quotes: Must-Read for Business Owners

Top Zig Ziglar Quotes That Can Inspire Entrepreneurs. These Zig Ziglar quotes will imotivate you to be your best. You will agree with me that road to entrepreneurship is not smooth. It is usually characterised with bumps on the road. But to succeed you need persistence. However, it does not matter how strong willed you are, there will be some times you need encouragement or that you need some comforting words. In such time, some of teh quotes below will give you courage to forge ahead. Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly until you learn to do it well Desire Continue ReadingZig Ziglar Quotes: Must-Read for Business Owners