17 Small Business Ideas for Students in University

List of Business Ideas for Students in College or University. People have been sending mails to me requesting for business ideas for students in College or University. I am very impressed to see young people trying to find out the business ideas they can lay their hands on while at college or university. There was a particular student who said that it was not that he didn’t have enough cash to spend. He only wanted to learn how to make and multiply money while he is still at University. That was his reason for asking for business ideas for students Continue Reading17 Small Business Ideas for Students in University

How to Start a Baking Business

You Can Turn Your Passion for Baking into Baking business. Baking business in most cases comes as a result of passion for baking. Do you enjoy baking? Do you have passion for baking? Have you been baking for friends and relatives for their birthday parties for free? Do people enjoy your baked goods? If yes, it is time to consider starting a baking business. For some people, baking business can be challenging. But for somebody who has passion for baking, starting baking business will seem like a hobby. However, it is good to mention that starting a baking business is Continue ReadingHow to Start a Baking Business

Life Lesson Quotes That Can Inspire Everyone

Compilation of Life Lesson Quotes. The life lesson quotes shared below are direct products of lessons learnt in life by great individuals who have gone ahead of us. Some of them made mistakes but such mistakes became life lessons for them. Therefore, these quotes about life lessons should serve as guides in your day to day activities and decision making. Whatever challenges that might be confronting you today, other people have survived them. You don’t need to travel round the world to get solution. At times, hearing a word of wisdom from an old woman may carry the solution to Continue ReadingLife Lesson Quotes That Can Inspire Everyone

Making Money Buying and Selling Online

You can make a living through buying and selling online. Do you know that you can be buying and selling online to make a living? Possibly, you have come across seemingly jobless people living big and you started wondering what they do to justify their flamboyant lifestyle. You see people who don’t have any regular 9-5pm job and are doing well far more than some professionals. You see them driving latest cars whereas they don’t have a single shop anywhere. I believe that you can easily conclude that such people are scammers, thieves, robbers or any other negative names you Continue ReadingMaking Money Buying and Selling Online

How to Start Affiliate Marketing Business

What is affiliate marketing business? Affiliate marketing business is the type of business model that allows you to earn a commission for recommending products or services. Affiliate marketing involves setting up a website and sending the traffics that come to your website to other people’s website to buy their products or services. For every sales originated from the link from your website, you earn a commission. In some cases, you don’t need to sell products to earn a commission. There are different affiliate programs with their different payment terms such as pay per sale, pay per lead and pay per click. Continue ReadingHow to Start Affiliate Marketing Business