How to Become a Real Estate Agent

You can start your real estate business as a real estate agent. Do you desire to work as a real estate agent and don’t know how or where to start? Real estate agent is one of the rewarding small business ideas with high profits. However, to be successful as a real estate agent, you need to be dogged and be ready to acquire necessary knowledge. How to become a real estate agent is not a difficult thing to know. One good thing about working as a real estate agent is that you don’t need to be a licensed real estate Continue ReadingHow to Become a Real Estate Agent

Withholding Tax in Nigeria (Administration and Rates)

Explanatory Notes on Withholding Tax Administration in Nigeria. A withholding tax is the tax required by Law to be withheld by a party from each payment made to another contracting party from the income or services rendered. Such tax withheld must be added up on monthly basis and remitted directly to the Federal Inland Revenue Service (for withholding tax on limited liability companies) or State Internal Revenue Service (for withholding tax on individuals and enterprises). All Withholding tax remittances must be accompanied by the schedule of the payees/contractors in order to obtain the certificate of payment for them. Please note Continue ReadingWithholding Tax in Nigeria (Administration and Rates)

How to Register a Business in India

A guide on how to register a business in India. When it comes to register a business in India, a lot of people complain of hurdles to be crossed. Instead of complaining of hurdles, what you need to do is to get relevant information about what it takes to register your business in India. Like any other countries, there are rules, regulations and procedures that need to be followed. For anybody that wants to register a private limited liability company, below are the steps you need to follow: Obtain Director Identification Number (DIN). This application form (DIN-1) can be completed online from Continue ReadingHow to Register a Business in India

How to Prepare Cash Flow Forecast for Small Business

Preparing cash flow forecast does not require a high level of skill in accounting. Cash flow forecast is a vital tool you can use to control the financial aspects of your small business. Companies don’t go bust because they lose money; they go bust because they run out of money. Most small businesses equate success with sales volume and profit. The reality is that a business can become insolvent in the middle of its best year in terms of sales and profits! Therefore there is a need to be very careful of cash flow where the business is growing rapidly.  Working Continue ReadingHow to Prepare Cash Flow Forecast for Small Business

How to Start a Fashion Business

You Can Start a Fashion Business If You’ve Got An Eye For Style And a Passion For Fashion. “Design is an art, fashion is capitalizing on a moment,” said Isaac Mizrahi. That is to tell you that fashion is always evolving and trending. Nevertheless, fashion business is not the type of business everybody can run. This may sound discouraging but it is a bitter truth. If the main reason you want to start a fashion business is to quickly make money, I may advise you not to start a fashion business. That is not to say that the business is not lucrative Continue ReadingHow to Start a Fashion Business