How to start Retail Business (Part 2)

Retail business is a good business idea for beginners. If you are looking for small business ideas in Africa or in developing countries like India, Nigeria, Philippines, Kenya and Ghana etc, I will be quick to recommend retail business. Retail business is among the commonest small business ideas in towns because of its simplicity to start. It is easy to start and it can be started with low investment. You can start retail business at any scale based on the money you have available for you. No wonder retail business usually tops the list of small business ideas for teens. What Continue ReadingHow to start Retail Business (Part 2)

How to Start Backyard Chickens Business

You can start your poultry farming with backyard chickens Do you know that you don’t need a large expanse of land to start raising backyard chickens? If you have free space at your backyard, you can start your poultry farming from there. Chickens are good sources of protein whether you eat it as meat or you eat the eggs. Unfortunately, the local production of chickens in our country is so low that we need to depend heavily on imported frozen chickens. Government has tried to correct our dependency on imported frozen chickens by placing embargo on them. However, we don’t Continue ReadingHow to Start Backyard Chickens Business

How to Start Debt Collection Business

Debt Collection Business is challenging but highly rewarding If you have experience in credit and debt collection, starting your own debt collection business may be a step in the right direction. In any credit economy, there will always be a need for the service of debt collectors. Even for businesses that are cash driven, there will be situations that will warrant that the owner of the business need to sell on credit. If his competitors are selling on credit and he refuses to follow suit, it may not be too long before he realises that some of his customers have moved Continue ReadingHow to Start Debt Collection Business

How to turn your customers into marketers

You can convert your customers into marketers if you know what to do How to get customers is the main challenge for most of the new small businesses. So, if you are facing this challenge, you are not alone. The essence of this website is not just to suggest business ideas to you without providing a guide on how you can run the business when you have eventually started. Perhaps you are contemplating about how to get customers to start and continue to patronize you, this article will give you a relief. There was a time I sat down thinking Continue ReadingHow to turn your customers into marketers

Fish Farming Business, a Lucrative Small Business Idea

There can be more to fish farming than you know! Fish farming can be described as a money spinning business but only few happed tapped into this hidden treasure. The reason may be due to lack of information or that people are not ready to learn and acquire the skills needed to run the business. We have left the fish farming business in the hands of big time investors for so long. Despite their huge investment in the business, there is still gap between demand and supply in the market place. The truth is that, fish farming can be done at any Continue ReadingFish Farming Business, a Lucrative Small Business Idea