How to Start Personal Shopping Service

You can start personal shopping service with no capital. Personal shopping service is a good small business idea anybody that enjoys shopping can start. Before, I continue with this article, I like to apologise to all my readers for not posting about small business ideas regularly as before. As you all know, the needs of readers are different. Therefore, I need to try to balance my writings by talking about things that will help people in their businesses. It is not enough to write about business ideas, I feel that people should be empowered to know how to analyse business Continue ReadingHow to Start Personal Shopping Service

Doing Business in Nigeria – PESTEL Analysis

Factors Affecting Business in Nigeria. Are you planning to do business in Nigeria? Or have you started your business in Nigeria and you seem not to understand the business terrain? This article will x-ray the macro economic variables in Nigeria and how they affect businesses. The tool I am going to use to analyse the business environment in Nigeria is PESTEL Analysis. For people that are not familiar with PESTEL, it is an acronym for Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal factors. These factors play important roles in determining whether a business will succeed or not. Therefore, it is expected Continue ReadingDoing Business in Nigeria – PESTEL Analysis

See Why Business is Like a Seed

Every aspect of business can be likened to a seed. You must have heard about the law of seed time and harvest. You can equally call it law of sowing and reaping. By extension, you can say it is about giving and receiving. That is what business is all about. Every aspect of business is governed by this principle. In this article, I will show you how this law operates in business. But before I continue, let me explain to you what seed time and harvest is all about. For those that have an experience about farming, this may not Continue ReadingSee Why Business is Like a Seed

How to Start Portable Toilet Business

Portable Toilet Business is recession proof I will be quick to suggest portable toilet business to anyone looking for recession proof business ideas. Portable toilet business is in categories namely: Manufacturing of portable toilet Sales of portable toilet Portable toilet rental (Some people call it porta potty rental) Making portable toilet available for public use. In this article, the focus is going to be on the provision of portable toilet services for public use. If you don’t know how important this business is, you’ve got to ask yourself how many times you visit toilet in a day. We visit toilet naturally Continue ReadingHow to Start Portable Toilet Business

How to Start Tax Preparation Services

A guide on how to start tax consulting business Tax preparation services are not only required by large corporations, small businesses and individuals equally do. Tax law is somehow a complex subject. It takes somebody who has the expertise in the field to be able to interpret it correctly. That is why businesses and individuals usually engage a tax consultant to handle their tax matters for them. If you have expertise in tax matters, you can actually start a tax consulting business instead of working as an employee in an establishment. Working as a tax consultant will afford you the Continue ReadingHow to Start Tax Preparation Services