How to Start Gourmet Popcorn Business

Gourmet Popcorn Business is high profit yielding business idea.

Gourmet Popcorn Business is among the small business ideas you can start with little capital investment. Do you know that there are many small businesses that people don’t count but yield a very high return? Gourmet Popcorn Business is one of them. The fact that Gourmet Popcorn business offers high returns on investment makes the payback period very short. This means that even though you don’t have your own money to start the Gourmet Popcorn business. You can quickly borrow from friends and relations and guarantee the repayment of the loan within a short period. Those people who are already in the Gourmet Popcorn Business know this. It is a secret that they will not want other people to know.

But like other small businesses, you should not rush to start Gourmet Popcorn business just because it is profitable and lucrative. There are steps you need to take. It is after you must have taken the right steps that you can be guaranteed a success in the business. Before I go into the steps to take to start Gourmet Popcorn business, I like to mention that the business can be operated by any gender; male or female. Gourmet Popcorn is consumed by young, adults and old. It suffers no age or cultural barriers. The demands are not seasonal. This gives Gourmet Popcorn business ability to general constant flow of income round the year.

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Basic steps for starting a gourmet popcorn business

Market research

You need to research the market before you embark on gourmet popcorn business. What will you research? You will research the potential customers, markets and competitors. You must understand your competitors very well. Learn about their pricing, packaging, size and quality of their gourmet popcorn. You cannot afford to offer less quality that your competitors if you want to succeed in the business. If your environment seems too saturated, you can look elsewhere. Alternatively, you can offer something different from what people are already used to. It is all about creativity.

Acquire skill

As simple as it may look like when you see people making gourmet popcorn, it requires some skills. The reason the production of gourmet popcorn is simple to those in the gourmet popcorn business is that they took time to learn the skill. It is just like driving. When you see a person driving, it seems it is very easy. But if you are still a learner, you will discover that driving requires skills. If you don’t acquire the skill before you start the gourmet popcorn business, you may lose all your working capital in a jiffy. Don’t learn from those that only organise classes for students. It is good to learn from those who are in the business. Working directly with them will help you to learn the intricacies of the business.

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Select location

Location is the key success factor as far as gourmet popcorn business is concerned. You should seek for high traffic location such as markets, sport events centre, fairs or busy community gathering place.  Also, the level at which you want to operate will determine the location of your gourmet popcorn business. You can decide to operate as a wholesaler or retailer. If you operate as a wholesaler, your target will not be individuals but supermarkets, eateries, retailers and hawkers.

Obtain permits

Please don’t forget to obtain necessary permits so that you can freely carry out your business without any harassment from government agents.

Acquire machine and other production materials

What you will need to start the gourmet popcorn business include, Production machine,Sealing machine, high quality oil, popcorn kernels, butter, salt/sugar, packaging materials and box/tray to display your gourmet popcorn.

Produce quality products

Customers will only patronise you if they know your gourmet popcorn is good. You should maintain good mix of ingredients consistently. Your product should not only be good when it is tasted; it has to be attractive too. It is the packaging that will first draw customers before they buy to feel the taste. Therefore, both the packaging and the quality of the product should be superb. But if your target market is the school children, a white nylon may suffice to package the gourmet popcorn.


You need to market your gourmet popcorn by displaying it where people can easily see it. If you want to operate as a wholesaler, you need to visit eateries, hotels and retailers to create awareness for your gourmet popcorn business.

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