How to Start Business Support Services

The Success of Business Support Services Largely Depends on Location.

Business Support Services is one of the lucrative small business ideas one can start with low capital investment. Possibly you are not familiar with the term ‘business support services’. You can equally call it business auxiliary services. In my country, people generally refer to it as business centre services. Whatever the name you call it, it is still the same type of business. You will agree with me that computer has become essential tool in today’s economy. You can rarely do anything relating to business without the use of computer. You will need computer to type, generate invoice, research and carry out other important tasks. However, a large number of people still don’t have a computer of their own. Some people who have computer still find their ways patronising small businesses offering support services. This may be due to lack of electricity for them to power  their systems. Economically, it can also be cheaper going to business support centres. If you want to go into business support services, your offering will depend on the resources you have available to you. Generally business support services include the following:

  • Computer type-setting and printing
  • Photocopying
  • Lamination
  • Spiral binding
  • Internet services
  • Fax sending and receiving
  • Scanning
  • Proofreading
  • Resume writing
  • Spreadsheet design etc

How do you start business support services?

Now that you are familiar with the operations or services involved in support business, you can now learn what it takes to start your own. below are the basic steps you need to take to start business support services.

Register your business name

You need to register your business name with the Corporate Affairs Commission. If you don’t want to spend much and you have some free time, you can do the business name registration by yourself. This will save you the money you would have paid to the agent. You don’t need to go for a limited liability company. This will cost you much in term of the registration and agent’s fees. Except you are an accredited agent, you cannot register a limited liability company by yourself.


Every sound enterprise is built on wise planning. You need to plan your support services business from the start. You can’t afford to start your business support services on a wrong foundation. You must prepare your business plan. Carry out a market research to determine the size of the market, your customers and their needs, your competitors and the location that you consider appropriate for your business.

Choose a location

When it comes to business support services, good location is very vital. You need a location that is easily accessible to your customers. A good location can be a school environment where students will need to type and bind their notes or projects and carry out some research. Also, a place where there is a cluster of small businesses will be a good location for business support services.

Purchase your equipment

The main equipment you need to start your business support services are computers, photocopying machine, printers (both colour and black and white), spiral binding machine, UPS and power generator in case of power failure. You also need office furniture.

Obtain permits

You need to obtain business permits before you can be allowed to commence your business support services. Of course, you can actually start before making the payment. But if you want to avoid the harassment of Local Government officials, you should pay on time.

Start your business support services

You can now start your business support services. Apart from the choice of a good location, the following are key success factors:

  • You must be available to meet the needs of your customers. If they try your place one or two times and you are not available, they may not bother to come at all the next time.
  • Good customer service. You relate directly with your customers. Therefore you need to learn how to make your customers happy. You should also render quality services. Use good quality papers and genuine ink for printing.

As your business start growing and you are enjoying more patronages, you can include sales of computer accessories to increase your revenue.

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