How to Start a Kitchen Table Business

How to Start a Kitchen Table Business

A lot of moms are no longer just staying at home, some are actually working from home and in some cases earning more than 9-5 working class professionals. Possibly you must have heard about This award winning multimillion-pound online marketplace was created by Sophie Cornish and Holly Tucker from home. But if you find their products out there, nobody will say it all emanated from home. If they succeed in building their Kitchen table business, that should give you an encouragement that you can do it too. You just need to learn how to go about it.

What is Kitchen Table Business?

Kitchen Table Businesses are businesses which are predominantly home-based. You can also call them Cottage Businesses. Whatever business you can create at home sell online qualifies to be called a Kitchen table business. It includes jewellery making, cakes and cupcakes, arts and crafts and personalised gifts etc

How Do I Start a Kitchen Table Business?

Identify Your Skills

There are things you are good at doing. You need to sit down and carry out a self assessment. What are your strengths? What are those things you can do effortlessly? If you find it difficult to discover, you can read our article on how to locate business ideas and turn it into a business. In addition, you can screen through our list of small business ideas to find out if you can locate the ones that suit you.

Develop a Business Plan

You need to prepare a business plan for your Kitchen table business. The fact that you are starting from home does not mean you should not give it a business approach. You start small to grow big. It is not automatic that it will grow. If you want it to grow, then it requires adequate planning.

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Give Your Business/Brand a Unique Name

Whatever the type of your Kitchen table business, you need to give it a unique name so that it can have a good image/identity in the market place. Don’t wait till you grow big before you do this. In fact, this is one of the things that can accelerate your growth. Having a unique name will make your Kitchen table business easy to market. And people can easily identify with it.


You have to get your pricing right. The fact that you are running your business from home does not mean you can price your products very cheap. If you do, people may doubt the quality. Also, as your Kitchen table business begins to grow with attendant increasing overheads, you may find it difficult to increase your price then.  You should know how to keep your price competitive.

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Have Online Presence

Website is your gateway to the market place. Create a simple website for your Kitchen table business with the images and descriptions of your product. A website will help magnify your Kitchen table business, When people visit your website, some people may not even belief that it is a Kitchen table business.

Good Customer Service

Outstanding customer service is key to the success of your Kitchen table business. Attend to complaints promptly. You can leverage on social media such as Facebook to enhance your client service.

Seek Advice

It is true the kitchen table business is your idea. You need to seek advice from mentors and professionals in such areas like legal, tax and accounting matters.

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