How to Start a Beauty Product Business

How to Start a Beauty Product Business.

This article provides a guide on how to start a beauty product business. Starting a beauty product business can be a good one for you if you have inclination towards beauty in general. Everybody wants to look good and attractive. In one way or the other, an individual will need beauty products to maintain his skin or body. That is why there will always be a market for beauty products.

If you want to go into beauty product business, the following factors will play important roles in whether the business will succeed or not.


Choice of good location will contribute to the success of your beauty product business. Your business should be situated in a place where your target customers can easily locate you. The environment should be conducive enough for shopping. Beauty products sell very well in market places. Also, if you have a storefront where there is a lot of foot traffic, this can boost your sales immensely.

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People with reputation in beauty such as beauticians can easily succeed in this type of business. When people come for shopping, they will know that they can also have access to professional services.

Wide Range of Products

There are numerous beauty products with different brands in the market. It is not enough to store different products; you must have them in varieties of brand. Nevertheless, you can focus on a particular line of product and ensure you have enough of its varieties. People will soon know you with it. You should be able to arrange and organise your products in such a way that will make it easy for customers to locate what they want to buy.

Below are various beauty products you can sell. I have grouped them into makeup, body, facial and hair products. The fact that you want to go into beauty business does not mean you have to sell all the products in the different categories. The beauty products you will sell will depend on your capital and the size of your store.

List of Beauty Products


  1. Blush
  2. Bronzer
  3. Brow Enhancers
  4. Cases, Bags, Totes
  5. Concealer
  6. Eyeliner
  7. Eyeshadow
  8. False Lashes
  9. Foundation
  10. Highlighter
  11. Kits/Sets
  12. Lip Balm
  13. Lip Gloss
  14. Lip Liner
  15. Lip Stain
  16. Lipstick
  17. Makeup Tools
  18. Mascara
  19. Nail Polish
  20. Powder
  21. Primer and Shine Control


  1. Antiperspirant and Deodorant
  2. Bath Brushes, Sponges
  3. Bath Salt, Oil, Fizzies and Bubbles
  4. Body Lotion
  5. Body Powder
  6. Body Scrubs
  7. Body Wash and Shower Gel/Foam
  8. Cellulite Treatment
  9. Fragrance
  10. Hair Removal and Shaving
  11. Hand, Foot and Nail Treatments
  12. Home Aromatherapy
  13. Intimate Care
  14. Nail Tools
  15. Scar and Stretch Mark Reducers
  16. Self Tanner
  17. Soap
  18. Sun Care


  1. Anti-Aging
  2. Blemish and Acne Control
  3. Cleanser
  4. Dermatology Treatments & Peels
  5. Exfoliators, Scrubs
  6. Eye Treatments
  7. Ingestibles and Supplements
  8. Lightening Cream
  9. Lip Exfoliant
  10. Lip Plumper
  11. Makeup Remover
  12. Masks, Peels
  13. Microderm – Abrasion
  14. Moisturizer
  15. Night Cream
  16. Oral Care
  17. Self Tanners
  18. Sun Protection
  19. Toners, Astringents
  20. Tools and Appliances
  21. Toothpaste and Breath Freshener


  1. Blow Dryers
  2. Brushes and Combs
  3. Conditioner
  4. Curling Irons
  5. Hair and Scalp Treatments
  6. Hair Accessories
  7. Hair Colour
  8. Hair Loss
  9. Hairspray and Finishing Spray
  10. Other Styling Tools
  11. Pomade, Wax and Finishing Cream
  12. Rollers, Curlers
  13. Salon Services
  14. Shampoo
  15. Shine Serum and Gloss
  16. Styling Cream, Mousse and Gel


  1. Manicures
  2. Pedicures
  3. Polish
  4. Sculptured Nails.

This is just a simple guide on how to start a beauty product business. If you want to run the business in a large scale, you need to personally learn how to start a beauty product business either through a vocational training or by working as an apprentice. Acquisition of relevant skills will distinguish you in this type of business.

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