How to Register a Business Name with Corporate Affairs Commission

How to Register a Business Name in Nigeria.

Anybody that wants to register a Business Name will need to go to the nearest Corporate Affairs Commission’s office. Before you continue reading this article, I need to point specifically mention that the article is to provide a guide for those who want to register a business name and not a limited liability company. Registration of a limited liability company will involve you hiring an accredited agent who may be a lawyer or an accountant.

These are the steps to follow to register a business name:

The first step you need to take to register a business name is to search for the availability of the name. It is possible that your intended business name has been taken by someone else. If the business name is existing or the name is too similar to the existing name, the name will not be approved. You will need to come up with two business names. The two business names will be submitted for the search of their availability with the Corporate Affairs Commission. When the search is completed, one name will be confirmed to be available for use. Thereafter, which you will use the confirmed Business name to complete an application form. If none of the two names is approved, you need to repeat this process until your business name is approved. If you are finding it difficult to come up with a business name, you can try business name generator.

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The second step you need to take to register a business name is to purchase and complete application form for business name registration. Application form for the registration of business name should contain the following information:

  • The name of the business
  • The nature of business (such as “Contract” not “Contractors”)
  • Address (P.O. Box inclusive where available) of registered office of the business and branches if any
  • Full names of the proprietor (s) without abbreviations including a maiden name of a married woman
  • Nationality
  • Sex
  • Date of Birth
  • Residential Address of proprietor(s)
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • Commencement date of business
  • Particulars of any corporation that is a partner with copy of certificate of incorporation, Certified True Copy of particulars of her directors and evidence of Annual Returns paid up to date attached
  • Signature of Proprietor (s) at the back of the form and on the Generated online form and common seal to be fixed to form

The third step on how to register a business name is for you to to submit the duly completed application form for assessment. You have to attach the following:

  • Two passport sized photographs (1×1 size) of each partner.
  • Where nature of the business is professional, you need to attach certificate of proficiency in the relevant field needs.
  • Where there has been a change of name of the applicant, evidence of such change of name is required.
  • Where a minor is partner, the application form for the registration of business name must in addition be signed by a Magistrate, a legal practitioner or a Police Officer not below the rank of an Assistant Superintendent of Police.
  • Means of Identification of each partner
  • Copy of utility bill indicating your address

The fourth step you need to take to register a business name is the payment of filing fees. You will pay the sum of N10, 000 (Ten Thousand Naira Only) to a bank specified by the Corporate Affairs Commission.  Thereafter you will submit a copy of the teller/receipt and collect an application form. In some cases, you make payment before the submission of the registraation form. With this, you will be able to attach your evidence of payment at the point of submission.

The fifth step on how to register a business name is to get your application form and other document validated. After successful validation, the Corporate Affairs Commission will issue a Certificate of Registration.

That is how to register a business name in Nigeria. It is that simple.

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