Usefulness of email marketing to small business

Why Small Business Should Use Email Marketing.

Have you been using email marketing as part of your marketing strategy? Small businesses can actually use email marketing to achieve many things. If small business owners know what they can achieve with email marketing, they will not need much persuasion before they jump into it. Out of many things you can achieve through e mail marketing, I have outline few below:

Email marketing is used to boost sales

I believe you have customers that you sell your products or services to. How many of them do you have their email addresses? If you have them, what do you do with them? Email addresses of your customers are as valuable as what you sell. You can reach your customers easily through e mail marketing. You can notify them of new products or new arrivals. The fact that they are your customers makes it easier to sell to them than when you are prospecting for new customers. If you only wait till your customers come around before they know about your new products or new arrivals, you are missing a lot of sales.

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You can use email marketing to generate leads

Sending bulk mails to potential customers who have initially indicated interest in what you sell can bring about good conversion rate. When you send out information about your products to them, it may fall to a time they are considering making a buying decision.

Email marketing strengthens relationships

Constant communication between you and your existing and prospective customers strengthens your relationship. Newsletters with good and useful content are a good way of maintaining a good relationship with your customers. If you send newsletters on a regular basis, they will be looking forward to receiving your emails.

Email marketing increases website traffic

If you have good headlines that capture the attention of people, you will enjoy high open rate in your e mail marketing.  Some of the subscribers will like to click the link to your website thereby drafting them to your website. It is advisable that you make your content shareable so that you can reach more people. More traffic means more sales. It also improves your website ranking. When people search for what you sell or offer, your website may come up among the search results.

Email marketing helps you build brand loyalty

When you maintain a close communication with your customers, a relationship will be established. You will have many of the as repeat customers. Certain customers will prefer your brand not becuase they don’t have alternatives. They just prefer buying from you. That is one of the things email marketing can do for you. Such customers will even refer others to you.

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What Are the Benefits of Email marketing?

Below are some of the benefits email marketing offers:


Email marketing is cost effective

The cost of email marketing is quite low when you compare it with other marketing channels. For instance, the cost of placing adverts on billboards, newspapers and magazines is so high. In e mail marketing, you don’t need to incur any printing or postage cost. That is not to say that you will not incur any cost. You may need to invest in software that can help you automate and evaluate your mails.

High return on investment

Email marketing is such a type of advertising where you spend little to gain much more. The cost is insignificant compared with the returns you enjoy. Another good thing about email marketing is that you can easily measure your return on investment.

Quick delivery

You can send your message to any part of the world within a minute. The same information can be delivered to a large number of people almost the same time. The delivery is immediate and you can start seeing the results almost immediately.

You focus on your target customers

With email marketing, you don’t waste your marketing efforts on those who are not interested in your products or services. You only send mails to those who have indicated interest to receive such mails. That is why small business enjoys high conversion rate with email marketing.

It is easy to use

Anybody with basic computer skills can create email marketing campaigns. There are different ready templates one can easily adopt. You don’t need too much technical expertise before you succeed in email marketing. What is more important is the content of the mail.

It is easy to share

One can easily share the content of email marketing campaign whether among the subscribers or among other people. This is possible when you make your content shareable. Your subscribers can also help you share your marketing campaigns among their network.

Global Reach

We now live in a global village. Some marketing channels such as print media and billboard can only cover a particular region or location. Email marketing can reach the entire world. You can send a mail to anybody instantly in any part of the world.

Easy segmentation

You can easily direct your marketing efforts towards a particular segment of the market. You can choose to focus on a particular gender, age group or specific location. In order to enjoy this, you need to capture enough information from your subscribers at the point of signing up. When you want to send a marketing campaign to specific group of people, you can easily filter them.

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