Email Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Email Marketing Tips for Successful Campaigns.

If you have not been using the email marketing tips we provide in this article, it is likely you have not been getting the good results from your marketing campaigns. And if you have had a good success rate, I believe you can still achieve better results by following these email marketing tips.

Have a privacy policy.

You should have a privacy policy and ensure you keep to it. All information you will collect from your subscribers will be given on trust. Therefore, you should maintain their privacy.  Don’t breach their trust.

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Develop acquisition strategy

You should understand who your potential customers are. Know where and how they can easily engage with your brand. You should also make it easy for them to subscribe. Let them understand what to expect at the sign up stage. Remember that they will sign up based on the information you give them. If you depart from this, they may unsubscribe and you may not be able to get them back.

Offer freebies

People will not just sign up because of the colourful sign up banner you display. You should be able to offer them free valuable information which can motivate them to sign up.

Optimize for mobile

A large number of people use mobile devices to access their mails nowadays. Optimizing your emails for mobile can increase your success rate in a great dimension. The same way, if you don’t optimize for mobile, you may not see tangible results in your email marketing campaigns.

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Make your data relevant

Don’t send irrelevant data to your subscribers. Send them what they like. One way of ensuring that you are sending what they like is to ask them questions. This will help you to further segment your customers. With this, they will not see your data as junks.

Personalize email

Sending of bulk email may not be as successful as personalized email. Address your mail to them. There are software that make personalization of emails easy. Personalised mails make the recipient feel very important and make them understand that you actually have them in kind.

Use your actual name

When you send emails, always use your actual name. Don’t send anonymous emails. Use the name that people know you with. By this, people can easily identify and connect with you.

Think social

Make your content shareable. In this era of social media, you should leverage on social media. If the people you can reach are limited to your subscribers, you are not doing yourself well. If your content is rich and shareable, you can reach many people through sharing.

Send only valuable information.

It is not compulsory that you send information every time. If you don’t have any valuable content, please don’t send email to your subscribers. Avoid the word ‘Free’. Mails containing this can be considered a spam. Don’t spam. Send bulk mails to only those who applied. Be honest about what you offer. Include ‘Unsubscribe’ link in all your communications.

Choose the right format

Both template and colour should match your brand. Use interesting headlines that can grab the attention of the readers. You can consider larger and bold fonts for your headlines. In conclusion, you need to analyse your results to determine what works so that you can stick to it.

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