Creative and Unique Business Ideas for 2017

Creative and unique business ideas with low investment.

Looking for unique business ideas? They are all everywhere. You only need to be creative in your quest for locating your unique business ideas. Some of the business ideas that people call unique business ideas have always been around. What people do is to look at the existing businesses and find how they can add more value to it. If you can repackage existing business ideas in a different way, then they become unique business ideas. Hear this: If you are looking for unique business ideas, you don’t need to be innovative; you just need to be creative. Below are the list of unique business ideas you can do in 2017. If you are very observant, you will notice something common to most of these so called unique business ideas. Here we go!

Mobile Toilet

You will agree with me that no one can cheat nature. I believe you must have experienced a situation whereby you were very pressed that you needed a place to quickly ease yourself. How do you feel in such instance? At that time, all what you needed was a place where you could easily excrete. Of course, that was not the time to start negotiating the price. Solution first, you would talk about the price later. Provision of mobile toilet is one of the unique business ideas that will flourish in cities. Good locations for such business idea include car parks, market places, bus stops and streets with heavy traffics of people. You need to ensure that the toilet and its environment is clean at all times. You will also need permits to operate this unique small business idea. By the time you run the business successfully in one location, you can then spread to other locations. Charge appropriately but fairly.

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Mobile Shop

If you like selling, you need a place where you can display your wares for customers to see. The money for renting a shop could be very enormous. Instead of allowing lack of funds for renting a shop to stop you, you can maintain a mobile shop. Mobile shop can be in form of a cart, tricycle, car, bus or truck. You can choose to stay in one location. You can also decide to move around. By the time you start, you will discover the option that is better for you. I told you that unique business ideas require creativity.This is creativity in action. A lot of people do it.

Mobile detailing

The third on the list of our unique business ideas is mobile detailing. Many people only think about opening a car wash centre when it comes to detailing. There are certain class of people who don’t have time to take their cars or vehicles to car wash centre. If you can take your service to this people; why not? The only challenge is the accessibility to water. But you don’t need much water compared to when you operate a car wash centre.

Shared Office

There are thousands of small businesses that operate from home. Some of them don’t have space at home to accommodate clients. They either go to clients’ offices for their meetings or invite people to meet them at eateries. You can make office space available to this class of small business owners. They will be using the place as office address but they will only come around any time they have meetings with their clients.

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Mobile Medical Diagnostic Services

Any service that provides solutions to health challenges people are facing will be regarded as a good business idea. Medical care is not accessible to many people in rural areas. This may be due to lack of hospitals or the high costs of medical services. Operating a mobile medical diagnostic service in such areas is going to be a unique business idea to consider. Medical services are becoming more digital. With some equipment, one can easily determine his/her temperature and diagnose certain sicknesses and diseases.

Mobile Salon

The last we are considering today in our list of unique business ideas is mobile salon. We are used to traditional salon. To operate a traditional salon, you need a shop, furniture, fittings and so on. You can be more creative in your business model. People will not need to come to you. Instead, you make your service a home delivery. This business will be more profitable if you have your customers residing within your neighbourhood. Any job that will take you away from your neighbourhood should be priced differently so as to absorb your cost.

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