How to Start a Gift Shop

Learn how to start up your own gift shop. You must have visited a gift shop before, I guess. If I didn’t guess right, maybe I can change the way I put it. You must have given out a gift before. Peradventure, I still didn’t guess right. Let me say that you must have received a gift before.  Can you estimate the number of people that buy gifts in your locality per week? You may not know how to estimate this until you visit a nearby gift boutique or attend a birthday or wedding ceremony and observe the gifts being Continue ReadingHow to Start a Gift Shop

How to Start Mobile Phone Business

Mobile phone business is not yet saturated. Few years ago, having a mobile phone was a luxury and was exclusively for rich people. Acquisition of mobile phone could be regarded as capital expenditure then because of the cost implication of getting one. I remember that the company I was working for bought Nokia mobile phones for all its Directors that time. The cost ran into several thousands of naira and we were asked to capitalise it. Today, the story about mobile phone has changed. Without a mobile phone now, our dressing seems incomplete. That is, mobile phone has become more Continue ReadingHow to Start Mobile Phone Business

How to Start a Supermarket or Grocery Store

Supermarket and grocery store business is very lucrative There is no doubt that supermarket and grocery store business is lucrative. If you are observant, you must have noticed that the rate at which people start supermarkets and grocery store nowadays is high. One thing you need to know is that, if the business is not lucrative, people will not be rushing into it. When you see people rushing into starting a particular business line, it might be an indication that the business is profitable. However, I am not suggesting that you should rush into starting a business you know nothing Continue ReadingHow to Start a Supermarket or Grocery Store

How to Start Selling Toys

You can start toy store with little capital. Starting a toy store is a small business idea anybody that has passion for children can consider. Selling of toys is actually a big business but it can be started at any scale depending on the amount of capital that you have available to you. There are different types of toys out there. Except you have a very huge amount to buy varieties of kid toys, I will advise that you focus on a particular line that you know there is enough market for. If you are totally new in this business Continue ReadingHow to Start Selling Toys

How to start Retail Business (Part 2)

Retail business is a good business idea for beginners. If you are looking for small business ideas in Africa or in developing countries like India, Nigeria, Philippines, Kenya and Ghana etc, I will be quick to recommend retail business. Retail business is among the commonest small business ideas in towns because of its simplicity to start. It is easy to start and it can be started with low investment. You can start retail business at any scale based on the money you have available for you. No wonder retail business usually tops the list of small business ideas for teens. What Continue ReadingHow to start Retail Business (Part 2)