How to Start Bottled Water Business in Nigeria

Regulatory Requirements for Starting Bottled Water Business in Nigeria If you desire to start a bottled water business in Nigeria, it is essential that you follow the required procedure as spelt out by the regulatory authority (NAFDAC). Without NAFDAC approval, it does not matter how much you have invested, you will not be able to manufacture, advertise, sell or distribute bottled water in Nigeria unless it has been registered in accordance with the provisions of the law and the accompanying guidelines. Before your bottled water business can be approved, you need to meet the following requirement as spelt out by Continue ReadingHow to Start Bottled Water Business in Nigeria

Moving Companies Business: Lucrative Business

Moving Companies Makes Money Regardless of The Economy Moving companies are such type of business that can stand the test of any economy?  Moving companies whether residential or commercial benefit when economy is booming and during recessionary period. How? When economy booms, people build houses and change accommodations. They move from one location to a better location. In the same way, when economy is bad, disposable incomes are affected. People sell their houses and some people may be forced to move from their residence to low cost apartment. This provides business opportunities for moving companies. There will always be market for Continue ReadingMoving Companies Business: Lucrative Business

How to Start a Kitchen Table Business

How to Start a Kitchen Table Business A lot of moms are no longer just staying at home, some are actually working from home and in some cases earning more than 9-5 working class professionals. Possibly you must have heard about This award winning multimillion-pound online marketplace was created by Sophie Cornish and Holly Tucker from home. But if you find their products out there, nobody will say it all emanated from home. If they succeed in building their Kitchen table business, that should give you an encouragement that you can do it too. You just need to learn Continue ReadingHow to Start a Kitchen Table Business