What to Sell When Other Things Fail

What to Sell During Economic Downturn. Are you looking for what to sell during this economic downturn that can guaranty regular cash flow? If yes, I will say that you are not alone. The issue of what to sell considering the prevailing situation in Nigeria was the subject of our discussion when I went to pay a friend of mine a visit over the weekend. If you live in Nigeria or have been following the economic trend in Nigeria, you will agree with me that business in general has not been moving. It is like everything just stands still.  Many Continue ReadingWhat to Sell When Other Things Fail

Fish Farming Business, a Lucrative Small Business Idea

There can be more to fish farming than you know! Fish farming can be described as a money spinning business but only few happed tapped into this hidden treasure. The reason may be due to lack of information or that people are not ready to learn and acquire the skills needed to run the business. We have left the fish farming business in the hands of big time investors for so long. Despite their huge investment in the business, there is still gap between demand and supply in the market place. The truth is that, fish farming can be done at any Continue ReadingFish Farming Business, a Lucrative Small Business Idea

How to Start Frozen Food Business

Frozen Food Business is popular in cities and urban areas. If you are looking for business ideas in food industry, frozen food business can be a good one to give a consideration especially if you live in a city. Why do I lay emphasis on living in a city? The reason is very obvious. In villages and rural areas, people have access to green and raw foods. Some of them are local farmers. They produce their vegetables. Some of them grow their own chickens, turkeys and other livestock. Therefore, the idea of starting a frozen food business in a village Continue ReadingHow to Start Frozen Food Business

How to Start a Baking Business

You Can Turn Your Passion for Baking into Baking business. Baking business in most cases comes as a result of passion for baking. Do you enjoy baking? Do you have passion for baking? Have you been baking for friends and relatives for their birthday parties for free? Do people enjoy your baked goods? If yes, it is time to consider starting a baking business. For some people, baking business can be challenging. But for somebody who has passion for baking, starting baking business will seem like a hobby. However, it is good to mention that starting a baking business is Continue ReadingHow to Start a Baking Business

How to Start Bottled Water Business in Nigeria

Regulatory Requirements for Starting Bottled Water Business in Nigeria If you desire to start a bottled water business in Nigeria, it is essential that you follow the required procedure as spelt out by the regulatory authority (NAFDAC). Without NAFDAC approval, it does not matter how much you have invested, you will not be able to manufacture, advertise, sell or distribute bottled water in Nigeria unless it has been registered in accordance with the provisions of the law and the accompanying guidelines. Before your bottled water business can be approved, you need to meet the following requirement as spelt out by Continue ReadingHow to Start Bottled Water Business in Nigeria