17 Small Business Ideas for Students in University

List of Business Ideas for Students in College or University. People have been sending mails to me requesting for business ideas for students in College or University. I am very impressed to see young people trying to find out the business ideas they can lay their hands on while at college or university. There was a particular student who said that it was not that he didn’t have enough cash to spend. He only wanted to learn how to make and multiply money while he is still at University. That was his reason for asking for business ideas for students Continue Reading17 Small Business Ideas for Students in University

Crazy Idea That Made One Student A Millionaire

The idea that will make you a millionaire may look crazy to others. I mentioned in my previous article all giant companies started with idea. If you are aware of this, you will not allow any idea that comes to your mind to pass unprocessed. Because you don’t know the idea that will turn out to be a gold mine, you need to guard every idea that comes to your mind jealously. I want to share with you this idea that made a million dollar for a student. Possibly you have heard about The Million Dollar Homepage. This was the idea Continue ReadingCrazy Idea That Made One Student A Millionaire

Home Business Opportunities

Home Business Opportunities Offered by Reputable Organizations. Home business has come to stay. If you are yet to embrace home business opportunities that internet has offered individuals, you may still be living in the dark. There are numerous home business opportunities today more than it used to be. And the trend keeps growing year by year. Initially, it was difficult for me that stay at home moms with home business can be earning much more than professional working in the corporate settings. Bur now, I have come to realise that home business is a big business. However, I need to Continue ReadingHome Business Opportunities

How to Make Money With Ease

Make Money By Following These Three Strategies I know without any doubt that you want to make money. Making money money is very easy.You just need to know what to do. Possibly you have been doing what can help you make money; still it is like you have not been able to make money. If you follow these simple steps I want to share with you, it will not be difficult for you to make money. Engage in Profitable Venture The purpose of going into business is to make enough money. There are many things you can lay your hands upon Continue ReadingHow to Make Money With Ease

All Giant Companies Started With an Idea

Having an Idea is the starting point for all business ventures. An idea can come to you at any time but what you do with such an idea will determine whether you will start your business or it will just remain a dream. If you are the type that is on a constant look out for business ideas, you will have many of them. Some ideas can come as an inspiration but if nothing is done about the ideas, you tend to forget. When you receive a business idea, I encourage you to do any of the following: Record Your Continue ReadingAll Giant Companies Started With an Idea