How to Know Whether You Can Be an Entrepreneur

Can Everyone Be an Entrepreneur? Do you think you can be an entrepreneur? Being an entrepreneur is desirable but the truth is that entrepreneurship is not for everyone. Everybody wants to become his/her own boss. They believe that the way to achieve this is by starting their own business. Starting your own business is good. I am even one of the advocates of self-employment. But before you take the plunge or before you resign your present job, it is good that you carry out this self-assessment so as to determine whether you can actually be an entrepreneur. There has been Continue ReadingHow to Know Whether You Can Be an Entrepreneur

How to Write Feasibity Study Report for Small Business

Format and Content of a Good Feasibility Study Report as Required by the Bank of Industry. Whether you are writing feasibility study report for your small business or you are engaged as a consultant to write a feasibility for another person, you need to get it right. Otherwise, its objectives will be defeated. Feasibility report is the output of your research and field work about a particular venture to determine when the it is worthwhile or not. The feasibility study report will determine whether further step such as raising of capital or investment decision will be taken. If investment decision Continue ReadingHow to Write Feasibity Study Report for Small Business

How to set goals for your small business in 2016

You Need To Set Goals For Your Small  Business. Happy New Year to you all! The year 2015 has gone forever but the impact will still be felt in your small business this year. It does not matter how the year 2015 was to you or your small business. We have another opportunity to do whatever we were unable to do last year. Yes, it is another year; a year of opportunities and challenges.  I hope you are not surprised to hear that the year 2016 has come with its own challenges. As an entrepreneur, the word ‘challenge’ should turn you Continue ReadingHow to set goals for your small business in 2016

Developing Your Skills As An Entrepreneur

If you want to become an entrepreneur, you’ve got to develop your skills. It has been said that passion is not enough. Passion can never be a substitute for training as an entrepreneur. Whatever you do, you need to be fully equipped so that you will be able to deliver excellent results. In the business world, everyone is paid in two coins: cash and experience. Take the experience first; the cash will come later, said Harold Geneen.  You might invest in advertisement to attract customer, you may not be able to retain them if you are not good at what Continue ReadingDeveloping Your Skills As An Entrepreneur

How to Choose A Business Name

Tips on How to Choose a Business Name. Your business name is what gives your business an identity. When a child is born, his parents will give him names so that he can have his own identity. The parents will not allow people to call the child names that are useless or that are not having good meanings. In fact, particularly in Africa countries, each name has its own significance. A Child can be named based on circumstances that surround the birth of the child. A child can be given a name that speaks about what the parents expect the child to manifest Continue ReadingHow to Choose A Business Name