Take a Baby Step towards Achieving Your Dream

I have been writing about different small business ideas one can start with small capital. If you are not new to this website, you must have come across some articles explaining how to start specific business ideas. Today, I like to do something different. It occurred to me that some people have not started their dream business not because they have not discovered any small business idea. Some people actually have their own business idea while some have discovered the business idea that is right for them. Still, something is still holding them back from starting the business. Of course, everyone has his own reason(s) why he has not started his business.

I wouldn’t know if you are in this category of people. If you are, I want to tell you that there is no reason that is genuine enough for you not to start your business. Your business is your life. How can you allow something to deprive you of your dream?  Before I continue with this article, I will mention some of the reasons why people will not start their business. Below are the common excuses:

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  1. I don’t have enough capital
  2. I don’t have somebody to help me
  3. I don’t have what it takes
  4. Some people are already doing what I plan to do
  5. I don’t have the right skill
  6. The time is not perfect for me to start
  7. “I will start next week”. That next week will never come.

Well, I may not know why you are yet to start your own business. One thing I know is that, whatever the reason, you are the one depriving yourself of achieving your dream. The bad news is that if you don’t achieve your dream, you can’t be happy and fulfilled. That is why I am writing this article today to encourage you on the need to take a baby step. It does not matter how long you wait, you will still discover that situations can never be perfect. Many of us want to be perfect without trying. It does not work that way. You have to practice to become perfect. We should learn from babies. If they will ever walk, they need to start by crawling. After crawling for some time, they will summon courage to stand up. After that, they start taking one step forward after the other. What happens next? They fall down. For every fall, they learn from it and stand up again to walk until they begin to walk perfectly. Before you know what is happening, you will see the baby that used to fall now running around the street. That is just the philosophy about life. Whatever you want to do, you should learn how to take a baby step. There is nobody that is born a star. A star today was once a novice. I know you have a dream of building a successful business. That is great! But the truth is that, failure is part of any success story.

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I had an experience last week. It made me to remember on the need to be always ready to take a baby step. It does not matter how skilled you are in a particular field. When you find yourself in a new field, you will still need to learn the basics. This was the situation I found myself when I was called upon for a television talk show. This is what I had never done before. However, it had been my dream to be doing such a thing. So, when the opportunity came, I had two options: 1. To grab the opportunity by taking a baby step; 2. To allow my fear take over me by saying “I am not ready to do it now until I am perfect enough”. Well, by His grace, I chose option 1. With this, I succeeded in breaking the kernel. Supposing, I declined the offer, this means that I would need to wait for another opportunity if it comes at all. Also, I can never be perfect without trying. I needed to start from somewhere. The lesson is that, whatever you plan to achieve, you should not be afraid of taking a baby step. Another example I want to give is about this website where you are reading this article. Do you know I actually summoned the courage to start this blog one day? Supposing I keep postponing it, probably you will not be here. At times, if you look at your competitors, you may feel intimidated. Instead, I want you to turn it around by saying to yourself that if they can grow to become what they are today, you can do it too. All great enterprises around us started one day. When do you want to start your own? It is a question you need to answer with commitment to take a definite step towards it. Remember that it is the first step this is the most difficult to take. If you can summon enough courage to take the first baby step, other ones become easier. Don’t forget that you can do all things….

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