All Giant Companies Started With an Idea

Having an Idea is the starting point for all business ventures.

An idea can come to you at any time but what you do with such an idea will determine whether you will start your business or it will just remain a dream.

If you are the type that is on a constant look out for business ideas, you will have many of them. Some ideas can come as an inspiration but if nothing is done about the ideas, you tend to forget. When you receive a business idea, I encourage you to do any of the following:

Record Your Ideas

Somebody said that a short pencil is better that a long memory. We live in a busy environment. There are noises and other such things that can cause distractions. If you don’t want to forget your business ideas as they come, It is good you document them. If you document your business ideas, you can easily make reference to them and ponder on them more. Also, this practice will enable you to sieve through the list of your business ideas and determine which one is practical for you.

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Act on Your Idea

Some people stop at ideation. Ideas are just like raw materials which need to be process. Don’t just celebrate an idea. You need to work on it. Imagine if Mark Zuckerberg had refused to act on his idea, Facebook we all use today would not have been a reality. No matter how cracy a business idea may look like, you need to act on it. Acting on it does not necessarily mean that it should be turned into a business immediately. Acting on it may mean that you delete the idea. Deletion of idea will happen when after you have considered the business idea, you discover that it is not feasible.

Another thing is for you to incubate the idea. Some ideas are very good but it is possible that the you can implement them immediately because of some factors. Such ideas are kept till they are ripe for execution.

However, if your business idea is feasible, then it is time to take a baby step. You don’t need to wait till all lights are green. All multi national companies we have around us started as an idea. It is because the owners worked on their ideas that made the companies to grow to become what they are today.

Don’t allow your idea to die in you. Prepare a detailed business plan. This can even help you to secure funds from investors if capital is the constraint. A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Summon the courage and see what it will become tomorrow.

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