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Legitsmallbusiness.com is the official website of Legitimate Small Business, a firm created by Adebayo Oluwole; a professional accountant and tax practitioner. Having worked for fifteen years in corporate world, I took the plunge in 2010 by starting two firms; an audit firm and another consulting company. Why this website?, you may ask. Personally, I am restless about the level of unemployment in our country and all around the world. Unemployment has become a major problem facing us as a nation. Statistics revealed that more than twenty million Nigerians are currently jobless and there is no indication that this figure may go down within a short period if strategic steps are not taken to address the issue. In a situation whereby our Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges keep rolling out thousands of graduates every year with no corresponding jobs being created, the level of unemployment will continue to be on the increase. The resultant effects can be dangerous. We all know that an idle hand is a devil’s workshop. While it may be impossible to create over twenty million jobs for the unemployed youths, I believe that they can be empowered to create job for themselves through the provision of entrepreneurial education. Some of our graduates looking for jobs are potential entrepreneurs. What they need is motivation and exposure to entrepreneurship. That is the essence of this website.

Perhaps you are employed, if you are observant of the happenings around the globe, you will notice that there is no longer job security anywhere. Job loss is no longer news. I am not saying all these to scare our graduates. All these are signals pointing to us that it is high time we started teaching our youths entrepreneurship. The new trend to personal success is shifting towards entrepreneurship. To avoid frustration which usually accompanies job loss, you may need to take your destiny into your hands by starting to learn how you can become an entrepreneur

While some people claim that entrepreneurs are born; this can be true to some extent. But I believe that entrepreneurship can also be taught. Legitimate Small Business is here to guide our youths on entrepreneurship. If you go through the articles on this website, you will not only find various business ideas you can start with little capital. There are also a lot of resources on how you can start your small business and grow it into a profitable venture.

We shall be using relevant business analysis tools to further help you take the guesswork out of your decision making in the pursuit of a particular business idea. With the use of these tools, you can determine whether a particular small business idea will be worthwhile for you to pursue.

In summary, our aim for this website is not just about providing small business ideas. We are set to provide our youths with the knowledge, skills and motivation that can encourage entrepreneurship in order to curb the rising rate of unemployment which is fast becoming a global phenomenon.

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