110 Small Business Ideas With Low Investment Capital

Security Services

Security issues are fast becoming a global phenomenon. Every day you hear about thefts, robbery, violence, attacks and kidnappings. These are challenges that are facing countries, states, organizations, families and individuals. As you know, challenges are business opportunities. Among small business ideas you can start in a period like this is the security service business. There are many things you can do. If you have security background, possibly you are a retired soldier or police officer; you can start a security outfit. Another option for people that may not have that security related experience is to start selling security systems. There are many types of security systems. These include home security systems, commercial security systems, fire alarms systems, computer security systems and personal safety systems.

Selling Phone

There was a time when almost everybody was selling computer hardware. If you have been following the trend of technology, you will discover that phone business is a good business idea to start. With the advent of Smartphones, one can do almost the same thing that can be done with a laptop. The number of phones being sold every year is growing year on year basis. One thing that makes me prefer phone business to computer business is the space requirement. You don’t require a large space to start phone business. Also, people change phones more often than the way they change their laptops. You can either sell new or old phones. There are markets for the two categories. However, if you want to deal in selling used phones, you need to ensure that the phones are not stolen and are not active on any network.

SEO Consultant

With over one billion websites around the world today, it is becoming more difficult for websites to appear on the first page of any search engine.  That is why the services of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Experts are in hot demands across the globe. SEO Consultancy is an online business idea. You don’t need to have an office before you can work as a SEO Consultant. You don’t even need to meet your clients face to face before you can get business. You can work virtually from any part of the world. You can start this business as a side business by working as a freelancer. Good places to get freelance jobs include Freelancer and Elance.

Shoe Making

If you are looking for small business ideas that revolve around daily human needs, such business idea is the shoe making. Whether male or female, everybody needs shoes. Shoes are not just there to protect our feet; shoes are part of fashion and lifestyles. If you notice women, they always like to wear shoes that match their dress. That means they need to have shoes of different colours. If money is not a challenge, women can have about twenty different shoes at a time. If you have the skills and creativity to come up with good designs, there will always be markets for shoes. Shoe making can be learnt. Therefore, if you desire to start shoe making business, you can identify someone who is good at the business and register under him as an apprentice. You can also learn shoe making from vocational centre. You can run the business as home based business. However, if you want to capture more market in order to grow faster, you may need to open a shop in a location where there is heavy foot traffic. Also, having a website where you can showcase different designs of shoes you have can attract more customers to you. Better still; an ecommerce website can boost your revenue dramatically.

Shoe Repairs

I deliberately separated this from shoe making business which was mentioned above for a reason. In business, there will be days of little beginnings. It is possible that your dream is to build a state of the art shoe manufacturing company. This type of business idea requires a level of startup capital to actualise. Instead of waiting for the capital that is not available, you can start your start the business by repairing shoes for people. Through this, you will not only be able to raise some capital, you will be exposed to different shoes designs made by other people. Get out there, you will always see people that require someone to quickly repair their shoes for them. If you operate from a specific location, you need to be consistently available. This will give people confidence that when they get to your location, they will get their shoes repaired.

42 thoughts on “110 Small Business Ideas With Low Investment Capital

  1. Dear all,
    I want to start a business at Madurai.
    Please suggest me what kind of business to be starting the same.

    M. Thangapandian

    • Hi Thangapandian,

      Thanks for visiting our website. It is difficult for me to suggest any particular business idea to you. For us to meet the needs of various people, we needed to come with this long list of small business ideas. I believe there should be one that will suits your situation.

    • Hi, kindly read through the small business ideas listed and choose anyone you are comfortable with.

  2. Brilliant ideas, love your concepts but I can’t seem to wrap my head on the best concept to start off a small business with a growth potential in a campus setting in Kenya please advise if possible.

    Yours truly
    Richard Njogu

  3. I m in Gurgaon I want to satart business so suggested me which kind of business i start.i have a shop 10 square yards. plzzz suggest me.

    • I have already suggested some small business ideas in the article. Read through and see which one can suit you.

    • I will suggest you keep reading our articles and perhaps other articles from other websites. You can get an idea that appeals to you.

  4. Search engine optimisation has become a tainted business, because the work is technical it is best done by
    people who have studied the business and have experience, this can be quite rare with modern marketers though

  5. Sir.. i want to start a new network marketing company . Is it illegal..??.
    And another doubt is what kind of products can i sell.. Plz give an example.
    With regards.

  6. I’ve completed Bsc.computer science and im looking forward to start a business with low investment. Give me so ideas

    • I can only suggest small business ideas but you have the responsibility to decide on the ones that suit you.

  7. Good options provided, which helps viewers to understand the things around and understand their interest which can be transformed to be revenue generating idea — Keep it up …!!!

    • Thank you Jaffery. I hope you were able to locate a suitable one from the list of the small business ideas in the article

    • The amount of capital needed to start your chips business will depend on some factors such as the location of your business and the scale at which you want to start. However, some of the small business ideas covered in this post can be started with between $1,000 and $10,000

  8. hi, im sudheesh, from india, and im a finished my graduate this year. now im thinking about starting a own business with a low capital budget. i would like to perform within marketting and financial areas. give me some suggessions and ideas about my wish.

    • Hi Sudheesh,

      Starting your own business is a good decision. It is also good to note that you can identify your areas of interest. Meanwhile, I want to advise that you don’t need to wait till the time you’ve graduated before you start working on your business ideas. You can use this period to conduct both primary and secondary researches about your business ideas. This will enable to decide whether the ideas are worthwhile. School is also a good place to network and also acquire some skills which can help you in the future. Your friends and colleagues may be your first customers when you eventually start your business.

  9. Wow, I wonder how you found so many business ideas 🙂
    apart from buying and selling on ecommerce, there is one more thing called b2b web portal. Since all the services are free of cost, you can either buy, sell or trade offline via online listing information provided there on. Happy Business

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