110 Small Business Ideas With Low Investment Capital

Fire Protection

There are certain things that are necessary to have. If you can identify such things, you can easily build business ideas around it. Sales of fire protection or fire fighting equipment are good business ideas that anyone can consider. Fire outbreak is a disaster that no one will ever pray to experience in life. Fire can occur any time but with adequate fire prevention gadgets in place, the effects can be prevented or curtailed. If you are considering starting the business, you will need to educate yourself on different types of fire fighting equipment. This is because you will be expected to be able to educate your customers on the right equipment to buy or to use to tackle different types of fire outbreak. For examples, fire extinguishers are in categories and in different classes. We have class A, B, C and D and they are used for different purposes. If you use fire extinguisher that is meant to fight fire resulting from combustible materials such as papers and clothes to fight fire resulting from flammable liquid such as petrol, it will never be effective. Apart from fire extinguishers, you can sell fire detection equipment such as smoke detectors. Your target customers are individuals, car owners, companies and other organizations.

Football Viewing Centre

Are you a lover of sports? This is a passion that you can turn into a business idea. If you love watching football, you will agree with me that you enjoy the game more when you watch it in the company of other people. I have seen people leaving their house to go to friends in order to watch football matches together. That is just the spirit of the game. If you have youths within your locality, opening a football viewing centre will be a good business idea. Those that are already into it will tell you that it is a lucrative business idea to start. You need a space that can accommodate people with enough ventilation or air conditioning. People can be on monthly subscription or they pay per match.

Frozen Foods

If you are looking for business ideas that are recession proof, you consider starting a frozen foods business. One of the reasons people always patronize frozen foods sellers is because it gives them the opportunity to buy what they need per time. Not every family can afford to buy a whole chicken at once. Even if they buy the whole chicken, the problem of epileptic supply of power will not allow them to store the portion they can’t consume immediately in the freezer. If you want to start the business, you will need freezers and good generator. Your frozen foods have to be fresh at all times; otherwise customers will run away from you. Examples of frozen foods are chickens, turkeys, fish and vegetables.

Gift Basket

For people looking for home based business ideas, starting a gift shop business may be a good business idea to consider. Everyone appreciates gifts but for a gift to be well appreciated, it should be the right gift. If you have gifted in the area of finding and selection of right gifts for different occasion, this is what you can turn into a profitable venture. The fact that you can select right gifts that are perfect for different situations does not mean that everybody can do it. Some people can actually do it but they don’t have time for it. They would rather prefer that other people do it for them. I believe you can see a gap already. And that gap is actually a business opportunity. If you want to start a gift basket business, you need to define the market you want to serve. Gift basket business seems like a seasonal business idea but if you know how to package your business very well, you will always make sales round the year. Your target customers are individuals and corporate entities.

Handmade Cards Production

Availability of online greeting cards has crippled greeting cards business dramatically. People are no longer buying seasonal greeting cards again. Instead they will prefer sending well-crafted online cards Nevertheless, if you are very crafty and can design customized cards; you will enjoy a lot of patronage. I once gave somebody a hand-made birthday card having her picture and name engraved on it. Could you believe that she still keeps the card till today? This was a card I gave her about six years ago. That is to tell you how people can value hand-made cards. This startup business is a home based business idea and you can start it with little capital.

Health Supplement

Health is wealth. No matter the amount of money one may have, if his health is challenged, everything loses value. Supplement provides alternative cures for sicknesses and diseases. People are in dare need of drugs and supplements. Since selling drugs requires certification and regulatory approvals, you may not qualify to sell drugs. However, starting a supplement business is not as difficult as opening a pharmacy. You may not need to develop your own product before you can start a health supplement business. There are many health supplement companies with great products. What you need to do is to decide which type of supplement you want to sell and locate a good supplier. Supplement products range from protein to vitamins, diet aids, herbs and other nutritional products. If you have been searching for home based business ideas, you may consider this. You may not need to rent a shop to start the business. You can comfortable operate the business from home. However, you need to go out there and market your products to people.


Horticulture is still not popular among agricultural startup business ideas. Horticulture is not just about planting of flowers as people think. Horticulture is more than flowers. It is a branch of agriculture that deals with the business of vegetable garden plant growing. This includes the cultivation of different plants such as medicinal plants, fruits, herbs, nuts, vegetables, mushrooms, seeds, flowers, sprouts, algae and non-food crops such as grass and ornamental trees and plants. You can also include plant conservation, landscape restoration, landscape and garden design, construction and maintenance. If your desire is to be self employed, this is a good business idea that can help you fulfil your dream.

Ice Block Production

Ice block production business is seasonal in nature but it is very lucrative. In tropical countries where whether is very hot, there is need for icing of drinks. Your target market will be drink sellers, restaurants and individuals or families that want to serve cold drinks at parties or other events. Your main assets freezers or ice block machines.

Internet Research

If you are the type that likes surfing internet in search of information, you can actually turn this hobby into a profitable venture. You just need to identify your area of specialty and create a niche around it. There is no information that you are looking for that you will not find on internet. But the problem is how to decipher the right ones. In most cases, you may not find the information you are looking for in one location. It takes people who know how to use the internet search engine very well to be able to work as internet researchers. Internet research business is a work from home business idea. You can equally call it an online business idea. Like other online business ideas, the starting cost for starting internet research business is very low. You need your computer with internet.  It is very important you understand your chosen field or topic very well. However, you can expand your knowledge as you start getting clients. You can make this a side business as internet is available any time you need to work. Good places to get this type of work from home job include Indeed, Upwork and FlexJobs. If you want to develop this startup business idea into a consulting business, you will need to create a website for yourself.

42 thoughts on “110 Small Business Ideas With Low Investment Capital

  1. Dear all,
    I want to start a business at Madurai.
    Please suggest me what kind of business to be starting the same.

    M. Thangapandian

    • Hi Thangapandian,

      Thanks for visiting our website. It is difficult for me to suggest any particular business idea to you. For us to meet the needs of various people, we needed to come with this long list of small business ideas. I believe there should be one that will suits your situation.

    • Hi, kindly read through the small business ideas listed and choose anyone you are comfortable with.

  2. Brilliant ideas, love your concepts but I can’t seem to wrap my head on the best concept to start off a small business with a growth potential in a campus setting in Kenya please advise if possible.

    Yours truly
    Richard Njogu

  3. I m in Gurgaon I want to satart business so suggested me which kind of business i start.i have a shop 10 square yards. plzzz suggest me.

    • I have already suggested some small business ideas in the article. Read through and see which one can suit you.

    • I will suggest you keep reading our articles and perhaps other articles from other websites. You can get an idea that appeals to you.

  4. Search engine optimisation has become a tainted business, because the work is technical it is best done by
    people who have studied the business and have experience, this can be quite rare with modern marketers though

  5. Sir.. i want to start a new network marketing company . Is it illegal..??.
    And another doubt is what kind of products can i sell.. Plz give an example.
    With regards.

  6. I’ve completed Bsc.computer science and im looking forward to start a business with low investment. Give me so ideas

    • I can only suggest small business ideas but you have the responsibility to decide on the ones that suit you.

  7. Good options provided, which helps viewers to understand the things around and understand their interest which can be transformed to be revenue generating idea — Keep it up …!!!

    • Thank you Jaffery. I hope you were able to locate a suitable one from the list of the small business ideas in the article

    • The amount of capital needed to start your chips business will depend on some factors such as the location of your business and the scale at which you want to start. However, some of the small business ideas covered in this post can be started with between $1,000 and $10,000

  8. hi, im sudheesh, from india, and im a finished my graduate this year. now im thinking about starting a own business with a low capital budget. i would like to perform within marketting and financial areas. give me some suggessions and ideas about my wish.

    • Hi Sudheesh,

      Starting your own business is a good decision. It is also good to note that you can identify your areas of interest. Meanwhile, I want to advise that you don’t need to wait till the time you’ve graduated before you start working on your business ideas. You can use this period to conduct both primary and secondary researches about your business ideas. This will enable to decide whether the ideas are worthwhile. School is also a good place to network and also acquire some skills which can help you in the future. Your friends and colleagues may be your first customers when you eventually start your business.

  9. Wow, I wonder how you found so many business ideas 🙂
    apart from buying and selling on ecommerce, there is one more thing called b2b web portal. Since all the services are free of cost, you can either buy, sell or trade offline via online listing information provided there on. Happy Business

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