8 Reasons Why Small Business Need a Website for Your Business

Why You Must Have a Website for Your Business.

Do you have a website for your business? Or are you still contemplating whether or not to create a website for your business? In this technological age, if you don’t have a website for your business, you are short changing yourself. That is, you are losing customers and sales without knowing. It is estimated that there are over 3 billion internet users worldwide. If you don’t have a website for your business, you are shutting your door against these potential customers. And you know what that means to your business.

Good enough, it is no longer expensive to have a website now. You can easily get someone create a website for your business at a fraction of what it used to cost in the past. With free open source content management systems such as WordPress, you can get a website for your business very cheap. I am sure the reason why many small businesses are yet to have a website for their business is because they don’t know the benefits it offers to their business. For this reason, I will like to shed lights on the importance of having a website for small business.

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Customers like transacting with business they can trust. With the advent of internet, customers usually conduct their own background checks on companies before that make their purchase decision. Someone may refer your business to them. If they conduct their checks online and can’t find your business, your business may lose its credibility. But if you have a website for your business, you will have more credibility. A website makes your small business to appear big in the eyes of the customers. With a website, you can be running your business from home without customers knowing.


A website is a good marketing tool. You can use it exclusively or to complement your off-line marketing efforts. You can display your products on the websites and give detailed description of your products and services. Unlike when customers come to your shop or office that you will to start explaining your services to them. Information about your products and services are readily available on the website. It is accessible to many customers at a time.

Increased Sales

If you maintain a website for your business, you can market your products and services effectively. This will lead to more sales. Even though they may not be able to conclude the transaction on your website, they can make buying decision which may propel them from coming to you. If you have the money, you can create an e-commerce website for your business. This will allow your customers to place order directly on your website. A large number of people now buy their stuffs online.


What can be more convenient than for a customer to get all what he wants from the comfort of his home without stepping out? Having a website for your business will save your customers a lot of stress and time. If they need further enquiry, they can easily send an email or place a call to the telephone number you provide on your website. It also save you the hours would have spent going to your customers explaining things to them.


Internet is accessible round the clock from any part of the world. Having a website for your business makes you available at all times. There is no time your customers will not be able to reach you. And you have access to global market.

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Cost effectiveness

You can’t compare the cost of building a website for your business to the savings you enjoy through it. Your product information and brochure can be placed on your website. It will always be there and it can serve as many customers as possible. If you were to print fliers and brochure, you know how much more it would have cost you.


With a website, you can easily brand your business without spending much. You select your colour and fonts. These are freely available. Branding of stationery and office building costs a lot.


A website for your business puts you in total control of the information you want to display to customers. In case of newspapers adverts, you may not like where your adverts are placed. Also, having a website for your business makes it possible to have your own branded email address registered at your domain name. This makes your business look more professional than when you are using public domain email address to send mails to your customers.

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