Why Advertisement is Key to Business Growth

Advertisement is an investment and not just an expense. Some people see advertisement cost as an expense which can be done away with in business. Advertisement is not only important at the launch of a new business. If you want your business to continue to grow, you should not stop advertising. If a business is experiencing low revenue, there is tendency for the owner to look at possible ways to curtail the business expenses. This is logical indeed. But the type of expenses you cut or do away with will determine whether you will be able to survive the business Continue ReadingWhy Advertisement is Key to Business Growth

Media.net Acquired by Chinese Consortium: Opportunity for Bloggers

A Chinese Consortium has acquired Media.net. Media.net which has been one of the major players in the ad-tech space announced its acquisition by a Chinese Consortium from serial internet entrepreneur Divyank Turakhia’s Starbuster TMT Investments in an all-cash transaction valued at approximately $900M USD. I think this is a good news for bloggers as it will afford them to earn more revenue on their blogs or websites. It is no longer news that it is difficult to get enrolled into Google AdSense platform. Therefore, bloggers usually seek for Google AdSense alternatives. Media.net over the years has proven to be among Continue ReadingMedia.net Acquired by Chinese Consortium: Opportunity for Bloggers

How 100 Dollars Investment Turbocharged My Revenue

100 Dollars investment can make the difference. Can 100 Dollars investment into my business ever make any difference? That was my reaction when someone told me that I just needed to make 100 Dollars investment to turn my business around. I had spent more than that before and my business never made any tangible progress. There is nothing frustrating as doing the wrong thing. Sometimes, taking a bold step in doing something new can be fearful especially if you failed in your previous approaches. Everyone is bound to make mistakes but some mistakes can be very costly. Right from the Continue ReadingHow 100 Dollars Investment Turbocharged My Revenue

Why you Should Follow Your Passion

Why you should build your business around your passion. Should I follow my passion to start a business? That is the question from one of the visitors to this website. If he had sent the question as a comment, I would have approved it and responded on the website so that other people can read. Having sent it as a mail, I Felt I have the responsibility to reply him via this article. While I may not be able to reply all the mails I receive individually, what I do is to look for common questions and try as much Continue ReadingWhy you Should Follow Your Passion

How to Make Customers Pay your Price

You can determine your price! When you first develop your product, the first challenge you may have is how to set a price that customers will be willing to pay for the product. This will happen if your product is not a commodity product. If your product is a commodity product, you may not have this problem. The product is already in the market. All you need do is to carry out price survey and flow with what others are charging for their products. However, I want to mention that even though your product is not totally new in the Continue ReadingHow to Make Customers Pay your Price